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April 2023 - Katie Pedersen

April 13th Presentation:  Quilting Modern

This is a hybrid meeting.  Katie will be IN PERSON at the meeting.

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About Katie:

Katie is a maker, always has been.  She was the child content for hours with pompoms, goggly eyes and a bottle of glue.  Her mom and her posse of friends provided daily doses of creative inspiration, whether hand-stitching over a cuppa tea, quilting in their TV room or working on the latest crafting craze, they were always creating. It was just part of daily life.

After moving to Seattle Katie found herself purchasing a stack of fabric and true to form, with little research she just dove in.  What developed were not the classic quilt designs she had watched her mother create, but a fusing of it with her quirky way of seeing.  Since then, no day is complete until at least two pieces of fabric are sewn together.

Katie loves all the steps of the process quilting offers.  From the not being still, to the emerging ideas she starts before the other million are finished.  But most of all she loves that in the end you have something that’s beautiful and everyday useful.  For her, making quilts are all those happy things.

In 2015 Katie opened her Seattle Quilting Studio to provide a space for those interested in the art and craft of quilting.  It was the realization of a long-standing dream, and another step in her creative journey.

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