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February 2023 - David Owen Hastings

February 9th Presentation:  Minimal Design, Maximum Impact

This talk ties directly in my Modern Abstract Quilts workshop, giving an overview of my process for coming up with simple, graphic quilt designs, starting with stitched paper models (called maquettes).  I show examples of how to translate an architectural photo into a quilt design, and have many samples of mini quilts I created using this process.  The techniques I present are also great for making unique modern quilt block designs.  I also talk about walking foot quilting and how to break free from stitch in the ditch.  

This is a hybrid meeting.  David will join via Zoom.

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About David:

David is a quilt designer, instructor, graphic designer, artist, and creative coach. He lives in the lush (and often wet) Pacific Northwest, west of Seattle, Washington on the beautiful Olympic Peninsula.

David has been knitting and sewing since he was a kid. There’s something magical in taking a length of yarn or a piece of fabric, and turning it into something useful and beautiful with your own hands. It’s enchanting. David is one of the believers that crafts like knitting and quilting can be both an artistic expression, as well as good for the soul. In recent years, David has enjoyed creating some of his own textiles through dyeing and painting. He loves incorporating these fabrics into quilts and wall pieces with a modern twist. David also offers workshops and lectures on quilting projects and design techniques, fabric printing, artist branding, and advancing your own creativity. 

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