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Community Service

"Our Mission is to promote quilting education through speakers and workshops; to support our community through charity; and to encourage friendships and fellowship among our members."

From the beginning Clark County Quilters has focused on serving those in need. There is great joy in providing quilts, other items and funds to those who need, enjoy and appreciate what they receive and who would otherwise go wanting.

Comfort Quilts


Comfort Quilts is the charity quilt making arm of CCQ. They hold weekly work meetings to sew, organize and maintain the inventory of fabrics and supplies. The group welcomes non-members to help and have several that participate in the work meetings. They put together kits that are made available to piece a top or finish a quilt with binding.  They coordinate with the many longarm volunteers to have the quilting added.  The finished quilts are then distributed to agencies to give to those in need. In addition to the quilts destined for individuals, we the provide quilts used by the charities for fundraising events, raffles, auctions, etc. Costs are kept to a minimum with donated fabric, batting, and the help of grants from other charitable organizations.


700 quilts were completed and distributed in the 2016-17 guild year.  In 2017-18, the number of quilts increased to 735 quilts going to 27 different non-profits with 168 individuals participating in the effort.  It should be pointed out that these quilts aren't just any "charity" quilts.  Strict quality control is emphasized so that the individual receiving it not only has a functional quilt, but one they can be proud of and keep for a lifetime.  


Comfort Quilts also helps by petitioning the membership for items needed by some of our sister charities.  Items often include such things as socks for children and adults, notebooks, colored pencils, and gloves for adults and children.

Opportunity Quilt


A challenge is issued each year for members to submit a block based on the theme and specifications identified.  The blocks are displayed at the annual Quilt Show and attendees vote for their favorite. The winning block is used as the design for the next year's CCQ pin.  The blocks are put together into a quilt which becomes the Opportunity Quilt.


Non-profits are invited to apply and the membership selects one.  Tickets are sold and the quilt is displayed at various venues throughout the year culminating with the Quilt Show.  The winner is selected at the show. All the proceeds are given to the selected charity at the May General Meeting.  Click here to see quilts from prior years and the amounts donated.

Places to donate fabric can be found here

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