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Opportunity Quilts

Need a Donation for Your
501(c)(3) Charity?

Application for Opportunity Quilt proceeds is a simple one page form. Fill out the form and submit. Tell us the purpose of your non-profit organization (with ID #) and what you would do with the money received. 


The form must be submitted prior to the March CCQ Board Meeting held the first Thursday of the month.


All organizations will be contacted with the results of the CCQ vote held at the April CCQ general meeting. Proceeds will be distributed at either the April or May CCQ general meeting the following year.


Opportunity Quilt Proceeds Application can be found here.  You may also use the form on the Contact Us page of this website to send a question to one of our officers.

2025 Opportunity Quilt

The 2025 Opportunity Quilt is a Judy Niemeyer design. The construction of the quilt was led by Carol Hattan with able assistance from Su Scott, Shatleen Rainville, and many, many CCQ members. 

2024 Opportunity Quilt

The quilt was constructed by Kathy Geyer and Jean Seale.  All Proceeds from the sale of Opportunity Quilt tickets are donated to Northwest Battle Buddies.

opp quilt 2023-24.jpg

The quilt blocks featured in the 2024 Opportunity Quilt were revealed at the March 2023 CCQ monthly meeting. 

The following amazing artists contributed to the 2024 Opportunity Quilt. See their block(s) in the picture below.

1-  Linda Pritchard, 2-  Kathy Powell , 3-  Daune Spritzer, 4-  Terry Knott, 5-   Cora Maddox, 6-  Jean Seale,

7-   Anne Gillihan, 8-  Kathy Geyer, 9-   Jean Seale, 10- Brenda Dias, 11-  Karhy McLaughlun, 12-  Connie Huber,

13-  Vickie Mikesh, 14-  Jean Sealee Speitzer, 15-  Kathy Jo Rockrohr , 16-  Daune Spritzer, 17-  Jean Seale

Previous Opportunity Quilts

Click on the photo to see the detail of the quilts, as well as to find out more information about the charities selected.  

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